The right equipment?

Creating the right climate is a complex matter. Several factors determine which equipment is the best solution for you. Be sure to be guided by an installer. Here are already some things to keep in mind.


Graphic1To what extent do you want to control the indoor climate?
Do you want cooling only?  Or do you also want ventilation and/or heating?  The choice will determine the type of system.

Graphic1How many rooms?
The number of rooms will determine the system.  In case of more than one room it is possible to connect several indoor units to one outdoor unit.


Graphic1Which kind of room(s)?
A shop? An office? A bedroom or living room?  Each application requires its own system.


A system with too high capacity will lead to draught, fluctuating temperatures and high energy bills.  With a too low capacity you will never reach the desired temperature. Choosing the right capacity is mainly having an installer calculate the capacity need. He will take into account the influences on the capacity need like solar infiltration, lighting, number of occupants, etc.


Graphic1Place of the outdoor unit?
Outdoor installationThe outdoor unit should get an appropriate place, on a solid base and accessible for maintenance.


Graphic1Place of the indoor unit?
The choice of the model will be determined by the possibilities to place the unit.  Is there a false ceiling?  Is there free space on the wall?  Etc.  Also the location of the unit is of great importance.  Each unit has its own air distribution pattern.  A wrong location may lead to draught and sound.


Graphic1Weather durability?
Mind the weather durability of the outdoor unit.  This will determine the lifetime of the installation.


Graphic1Air purification?
The dust particles floating in the air can be removed by means of filters in the indoor units.  Depending on the level of filtration we offer different filters.


Graphic1Selection of the installer?
 The most important is to be advised by a good
installer. He will calculate, draw up and install the
required system according to your needs. His skilled advice
and craftsmanship will ensure you of a good climate.

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